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AlaskasWorld Portal is an online portal designed for the employees of the Alaska Air and Horizon Air. It is paperless employee travel which lets them know about their flight schedules and timings. AlaskasWorld is one of the biggest American airlines in terms of fleet size, scheduled passengers carried and a number of destinations served. They have routes connecting the state of Alaska to more than a hundred destinations in the USA, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. You will get all the details about AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel Login here. All the information regarding Alaskas World fly login, and AlaskasWorld PET Online is mentioned on our website.

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AlaskasWorld PET Login

AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel login is a portal that provides information to the employees of the Alaska Air and Horizon air. This portal lets the employee know their flight schedules quickly and save time wasted in maintaining schedules otherwise.

AlaskasWorld Employee Travel login Requirements

To login to AlaskasWorld PET Portal, you need to possess the below-mentioned details

The employees can only log in if they have a user ID and password for AlaskasWorld Portal. In case you don’t have one, you have to set up one first before logging in.

How to Login to AlaskasWorld PET Portal

Employees can log in to the AlaskasWorld Employee Portal very easily. To log in, follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Visit the official AlaskasWorld website by clicking here.
  2. Next, click on Alaskasworld.com from the list of links displayed.
  3. The login portal will be displayed on your screen. Here, you can get options to Change Password, Forgot Password, Manage Profile and Create Password.
  4. Enter username and create a new password by clicking on Create Password option.
  5. Now, you will have your username and password which you just created on the portal.

Now, we can proceed to login to the AlaskasWorld PET portal. After logging into the portal, employees can easily know about their flight and work schedules. This would save a lot of time and resources for them.

Without a furthermore wait, let’s move on to the steps to AlaskasWorld Login.

  1. Visit the AlaskasWorld.com website by clicking here.
  2. Select the Fly option out of the available choices.
  3. Next, Enter your PeopleSoft Employee Number and Password in the respective fields.
  4. Click on the Sign-in button to log in to the AlaskasWorld PET portal.

Isn’t the AlaskasWorld PET Login process easy?. Well, as we told you before, it would just take a few steps and a few minutes to log in to the portal if you follow what we guide you.

Features of AlaskasWorld PET Login

The Alaskasworld PET portal owned and operated by Alaska Airlines has a lot of benefits for the employees. Any employee of the Alaska Airlines is permitted to access the portal with their unique ID and password. There are a lot of features offered by the AlaskasWorld login portal.

The portal guides the employees about their flight schedules and other details from time to time. All the crucial details required by the employees is available on the portal.

Better Management

An online portal like Alaskas World lets both the employees and company manage the data very easily. Companies can access employee data and assign tasks very quickly. On the other hand, employees can check their schedules and flight timings which can help them plan the next day. Moreover, there won’t be many hassles with using the portal. All the Alaska Airlines employees are given access to the portal once they join the company. The portal moreover helps maintain healthy and transparent relations between the company and the employees.

24×7 Availability

The best part about an online employee portal is its 24 hours accessibility. No matter what time of the day it is, you can log in to the portal with your credentials and get access to all the required information.

This would save the time employees usually spend enquiring and keeping a record of their daily flight schedules. Alaska Airlines encourages digital access to the AlaskasWorld PET portal to all its employees.

Holidays and Leaves

Employees will get all the official company’s holiday details and extra leaves sanctioned to them on the Alaskas World Employee travel portal. Now, you don’t need to bother the management every now and then. All you need to do is to go and login to the website and access all the holiday details quickly.

Employee Benefits and Perks

Alaska Airlines offers a lot of employee benefits like travel allowances, increments, and bonuses. Earlier, the employees had to enquire about these perks and benefits with the concerned management. Now, this is no more the case with AlaskasWorld PET. Just login with your employee credentials and check the perks and benefits offered by the company. All the major policies and agreements are also available on the AlaskaWorld PET portal.

About Alaska Airlines

Alaska is the fifth largest airline company in the United State in terms of fleet size, passengers carried, and the number of destinations served. The airline offers affordable flights connecting the state of Alaska to over a hundred destinations in the USA, Canada, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico.

Alaska currently employees over 21,000 people and is ranked as the most customer satisfactory airline for 12 years. The employees of the airlines are very well trained in their respective domains of work. AlaskasWorld PET was designed to help employees and the company maintain work relations and manage data securely and easily.

Contact AlaskaWorld Customer Support

Are you facing internet connectivity issues and worried about checking your flight details?. Well, no need to worry as the AlaskasWorld customer support has got your back.

You just have to call on the below mentioned official Customer care number of AlaskWorld

Customer Support: 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR)